edibles vs phoenix tears


What Are Phoenix Tears? 

Phoenix Tears are cannabis oils with incredible medicinal properties; regular, minuscule doses of this concentrate have been shown to treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms.

If you have been using edibles to treat your medical condition or symptom, you may have noticed their disappearance in local dispensaries, but we have great news. While cookies and candies can be a good treatment choice, Phoenix Tears concentrates are even better!

This type of concentrate became popular after a Canadian man named Rick Simpson shared his incredible story of cancer recovery in the early 2000s. After lesions on his skin were diagnosed as basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, Simpson applied cannabis oil – which he had previously consumed to treat other symptoms – to the lesions. Just days after application, he discovered the oil had healed the lesions, eradicating the cancer.

Simpson began extracting cannabis oil, which he used to treat his own symptoms and to help others who had difficulty receiving clearance to use medical marijuana for their conditions. Today, many brands and potencies of Phoenix Tears are available.

What Can I Treat with Phoenix Tears?

Phoenix Tears like those sold at Farmacy have been shown to reduce the size of tumors and heal lesions, but they are also an excellent treatment for many other symptoms and conditions. People struggling with chronic or acute pain caused by any number of ailments have found great relief with Phoenix Tears, and that’s only the tip of iceberg.

This healing cannabis oil can help people with cancer, epilepsy, MS, migraines, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. The product can also be used to treat high blood pressure, diabetes, and depression. Patients with substance dependence have found Phoenix Tears ease symptoms of addiction, and those with insomnia use it to help them fall and remain asleep at night.

Though, as yet, there is little scientific research on this amazing product, the anecdotal evidence abounds; Phoenix Tears have the potential to aid any condition treatable with other forms of cannabis, and that’s a lengthy list.

Using Phoenix Tears 

As we can learn from Rick Simpson’s story, Phoenix Tears can be taken sublingually – orally, placed under the tongue – or topically. Only very small doses, the size of half a grain of rice, are needed.

Unlike edibles, which don’t kick in for up to an hour after consumption, sublingually ingested Phoenix Tears quickly begin to positively affect the body. The thin tissues of the throat and tongue are very porous, and as such the concentrate is swiftly absorbed into the blood stream and delivered to locations in the body and brain where its potent, highly concentrated cannabinoids are needed.

Another way Phoenix Tears surpass edibles is in dosage. When you make cannabis brownies, for example, you have no way of knowing exactly how much THC or CBD is in the piece you consume; it all depends on how evenly the medical ingredient was dispersed, and it’s not as simple as dividing the amount of cannabis used by the number of pieces. This inconsistency can result in effects that are too strong, or not strong enough.

When you use Phoenix Tears, on the other hand, the medication is dispensed from a syringe with gradations, and the product is pure cannabis oil, so with each dose, you know you’re getting a specific percentage of the total contents of the syringe. Exact doses mean no wasted product, so you’re certain to get your money’s worth.

Getting Phoenix Tears from Farmacy

At Farmacy, we offer three different brands of Phoenix Tears cannabis oil, in a range of potencies and sizes. Depending on your symptoms and tolerance, you can select 1, 3, or 5ml vials, each of which contain between 500 and 3500mg of THC. We also offer a nearly pure CBD option.

Whether you struggle with something like occasional sleeplessness or a debilitating and chronic condition, Farmacy’s Phoenix Tears can help you manage your symptoms, and in time could even resolve your issues. Speak to one of our staff, all of whom are well-versed in every product, about the best concentrate for you!