We understand that every strain is different. That’s why we painstakingly design custom grow environments, nutrient regimens and pruning techniques for each of our cultivars, making sure that all of the plant’s needs are accounted for.

We use state-of-the-art technology and old school techniques to give plants everything they need with the lowest possible energy footprint. In order to do this, we use reverse osmosis water, Certified Organic and BioControl pest management systems and classic lighting techniques.

Every strain is flushed, hang-dried and cured for more than double the average time to guarantee our bud is dry all the way through. The extra time allows our cultivars to retain their full flavour and nose.

Staying true to our culture, we hand trim every plant to ensure we capture the best bud with no loss. Leaving the leaves on the plant also protects the bud during trimming, preventing flat spots.