7ACRES is committed to providing you with a High End Cannabis™ experience, through the creation of better cannabis flower. We promise to drive the industry forward by constantly improving our techniques and practices. We take pride in growing High End Cannabis™ that respects each Cultivar’s genetic lineage and history. We are committed to providing enthusiasts with hand-crafted cannabis flower that delivers an uncompromised experience. Our products are crafted by knowledgeable cannabis minds, who share a passion for the product; from seed, to package. Every effort is made to ensure that each harvest is greater than the last, and celebrated with better aroma and flavour.


Cannabis is a gift that the earth has given us. A gift that people across the world use to enhance, enjoy, and improve their own lives. As a Canadian Licensed Producer (LP) we have a responsibility to help unearth the future ideal of the plant, and ensure that your Cannabis experiences continue to improve.


Respect the Industry, Regulators, Culture, People & the Plant

We are committed to creating High End Cannabis™ with better aroma and flavour. 7ACRES products are crafted by cannabis enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. We will continuously be a measure of the future ideal of the plant, with each harvest striving for better genetics, aroma, appearance, size, and texture. When choosing 7ACRES, you are receiving thoughtfully-selected cultivars, that create robust dried cannabis flower.