Victoria's First Licensed Dispensary

As if providing cannabis products that improve lives wasn’t enough, here at Farmacy Victoria we’ve added one more claim to fame to our list: we’ve become the first cannabis dispensary to receive a cannabis retail business license!

Farmacy’s dedication to legal, “rigorous” standards has been recognized and lauded by city consultants, who determined that our cannabis dispensary could remain in its current location despite its proximity to a middle school a few blocks away. We pride ourselves on our safety standards and respect for usage laws – our cannabis products are not intended for nor marketed to children, and our values are backed up by the city’s decision to license us right where we stand.

As a newly minted “official” business, we at Farmacy will continue to adhere to the standards we have followed since our inception in 2015. We offer a fantastic selection of medicinal products – everything from tinctures, shatter and capsules, to the highest quality flowers. Our clients, all of whom are nineteen and older, must return home before beginning their treatment. We provide friendly, accessible service: we’re open for eleven hours a day, seven days a week!

Receiving our business license means we can continue to provide you, our valued and loyal clients, with exemplary service in all areas of cannabis treatment. New clients can sit down with our medical practitioner for a free consultation to learn about the best products for their individual ailments. If you are already a government-recognized cannabis patient or a member of another licensed producer or dispensary, you can join the Farmacy family instantly.

Access to our fantastic selection means access to treatment for dozens of different conditions and symptoms, including stress and fatigue, depression, insomnia, and chronic pain. Our products allow you to choose the treatment method best for you, whether you prefer to smoke or vaporize using cannabis flowers, or ready-to-use vaporizers; we offer many different refill cartridge options. Medicate sublingually with our tinctures, or quick and easy with capsules. We even provide a great variety of topical balms, and lotions, many of which were hand-made only hours from our store, that tackle everything from muscle pain to skin rashes.

Whether you need the psychoactive benefits of high-THC strains, or prefer the full-body relaxation of CBD, we have you covered. Choose an indica for evening relief, or a sativa for therapy that lets you get on with your day. Whatever you need, Farmacy can help. We even offer an in-depth resources section with all the information you could ever want about dosing with cannabis and treating specific conditions.

This business license is more than a small step for Farmacy – it’s a giant step for the future of the cannabis industry. We at Farmacy are so happy to see marijuana moving into the mainstream, becoming an acceptable, sought-after form of all-natural medical treatment, and as legislation and research continue to advance, we look forward to seeing many other positive developments in this exciting, healing industry!