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what is sativa

What is Sativa?

A question we get asked a lot at FARM is “What is Sativa”? Sativa and indica are two species within the Cannabis genus. Both species offer many health benefits, and with a bit of understanding about the best use of each, you can select the ideal all-natural medication for your symptoms or condition. Once you have settled on one or the other, the good folks at FARM will assist you in finding the perfect cannabis product for your needs.

Origin and Appearance

Cannabis sativa hails from equatorial regions of the world, such as Mexico and southeastern Asia. Because these plants originated in warmer climes, they did not develop the thick resin coating common to indicas.

Sativa plants are tall and “leggy”, their branches spaced more widely than the dense, bushy indica plant. Each leaf is comprised of a splay of slender leaflets, generally a light, bright green in colour.


If you’re using cannabis to treat a condition or symptom, the taste and scent of the strain will probably be a secondary consideration to the therapeutic effect, but flavour profiles still play an important role in consumption.

Thanks to their own special blend of terpenoids – organic, aromatic compounds released from the same glands as cannabinoids like THC and CBD – sativa strains boast a range of flavours from earthy to “diesel”, to sweet and fruity.

Recently, a new avenue of cannabis research has been uncovered, exploring the additional benefits of terpenoids. More than just creators of scent (and, to some extent, indicators of quality), these compounds appear to interact directly with cannabinoids, dictating the effects each cannabis strain will have on the patient.


Where indica cannabis strains are known for their calming and relaxing effect, sativa strains often have the opposite result. Because of a high cannabinoid ratio of stimulating THC, compared to mellowing CBD, sativas are great for consumption during the day, when you want to maintain some productivity; they are known for evoking an energetic and uplifted sensation. Unlike indica’s “body stone” effect, sativa stays mostly in the head, giving you that cerebral high for which cannabis is famous.

Thanks to that psychoactive effect, sativa is a suitable choice for mood enhancement. Strains of this species encourage feelings of well-being, which can fend off symptoms of depression. This benefit goes hand in hand with an increase in focus and creativity.

Sativas offer many benefits beyond easing depression, though due to their hallucinogenic qualities, in cannabis selection, sativa-dominant hybrids are more common than pure sativas. A well-balanced sativa-dominant hybrid can stimulate appetite and be helpful for individuals struggling with persistent nausea, or undergoing chemotherapy. Like indicas, sativas can eliminate headaches and migraines, but they’re best used when head pain surfaces earlier in the day.

THC content makes sativa a good topical choice as well, offering anti-inflammatory and itch-relieving benefits when applied to problematic skin.

The popularity of sativa-dominant hybrids means there’s a good chance that, whatever your ailment, there exists a strain with the perfect blend for your needs. The experienced budtenders at FARM are there to help you discover the ideal natural medication for your condition or symptom.

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