Terpenes are the chemicals which contribute to the flavor and effects profile in Cannabis, but we’re still early in the understanding of how.’ You’ve heard statements like this a thousand times and you’ve likely said it at least a few hundred times. But did you know that terps are an overwhelmingly huge class of chemicals, they’re a building block to cannabinoids from the cannabis plant…


A Cannabinoid by Any Other Name…
A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but roses come from family of flowering plants known as Rosaceae. This includes apples, raspberries, hawthorns, and more than 300 species of rose. Cannabinoids are similarly classified.


THC and Its Journey To The Brain
A rose by any other name may be just as sweet, but a big breath of vapor certainly has its special features over some tincture under your tongue. A dab can’t be compared to a brownie, or can it? Let’s dive into the fine tune factors of different routes of administration, or as we’ll address it, different ROAs!